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Electronic Money Bank Armored Car



Help your kids cultivate the habit of saving and managing money as early as now. And make it fun with this Electronic Money Bank Code Armored Car!

This Electronic Money Bank Code Armored Car is a fun way of teaching your kids to save. It is designed with electronic functions like flashing lights, musical number keys for the password, fingerprint recognition, automatic cash rolling in and more. This will give your kids much joy and fun while they're learning to save for their future.



Automatically roll in cash function


  • PIGGY BANK SIMULATION STRONGBOX FUNCTION: Password input, fingerprint recognition; Car bank could store coins and banknotes. Deposit coins into the car from the roof hole, while bills will automatically roll in as you feed it.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN: The car lights will flash and the car back door will open automatically when you enter the correct password. If you enter the wrong password, the alert at the top of the car will ring and flash. The cool flashing light design will give your kids a great experience.
  • SAFE AND SECURED: Enter the correct password then touch the simulated fingerprint for the doors to open.
  • UNIQUE ARMORED CAR SHAPE: Designed to be a fun experience for kids and kids at heart.

Initial password: 0000


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black, White
  • Size: 28x13x13cm


1. Change your password:With the door open, press and hold the "*" key, enter the four new password, press and hold "#" to confirm, you can set a new password.(If you forget your password, you can take out the battery and the password will be restored to "0000") (Press the number keys to change songs)


Can be used as a piggy bank or as a toy

Load the battery before use:

1. Load 3 * AA battery 2. Cover the battery cover 3. Turn into the screw